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Iran 's Rural and Agricultural Cooperatives Educate farmers for environment-friendly farming: Deputy Minister

Alireza Ghanizadeh, who is also the vice head of the Central Organization of Rural Cooperatives of Iran ( CORC), said observing environmental sustainability has always been a main concern of the Iran ancient cooperative movement.

In a ceremony held in the ICC ( Iran Cooperative Chamber) headquarter on the occasion of 2020 the International Cooperatives Day (ICD), the CEO of CORC said, the environmental sustainability as well as respecting the nature is dating back in the Iranian culture. Therefore, CORC as a pioneer policymaker in the field of agricultural and rural cooperatives has always put sustainable farming in its agenda.

" The Jiroft agro-industry and Shahid Rajaee agro-industry complexes are two outstanding farmers organizations that manage the crop farming, horticulture, and apiculture at the macro scale with observing environmental concerns including water management and integrated pest management", he added.

Referring to the rural women cooperatives as one of the pioneer cooperatives in combating climate change, Ghanizadeh said many of these cooperatives produce hand-woven textures by natural fibers as well as natural colors.

" CORC is going to sign an MOU with the relevant organizations to train farmers in the field of sustainable farming ", the official added

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